Truck driver workforce shortages: A perfect storm

There is essentially a perfect storm facing supply of truck drivers in the Australian transport industry caused by an aging workforce, training providers focusing on numbers rather than quality; barriers to entry for young people (such as age-based license eligibility and high insurance premiums for younger drivers); along with the changes that will likely be adopted following the National Transport Commission (NTC) review of the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL) and its supporting regulations and the perception of what is a 150,000 strong industry that has a proud history and an uncertain, while necessary future.

Labourforce has published a report that focuses on the five major issues that require a collective industry response that is practical, relevant, adds value to the businesses in the sector and can help solve the key long term challenges. In our view, the five major challenges are:

  • Ageing workforce and recruitment challenges
  • Falling Training Standards
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Review of Heavy Vehicle National Law
  • Perception of Industry

For a complete overview please look at the link to full article.

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