April 2019 Trucking Report

  • The Labourforce Trucking Job Index measures demand over the last four years. 2015 is the base year when the Index is set at 100.00.
  • Trucking job vacancies have risen 60% in the three years to 2018. Demand rose dramatically in the first two years, it peaked in 2017 and slipped back in 2018.
  • This growth in job opportunities is above the Transport, Logistics and Supply Chain sector more broadly (e.g. across all occupations) and above the national market across all industries.
  • It is interesting to note that over this three year period the percentage of “Contingent” job vacancies has fallen as a percentage of all job vacancies from 24.9% (one in four) to 18.6% (close to one in five).
  • This fall contrasts with the belief by many that “contingent” or “insecure” employment is growing. The data suggests otherwise.