WorkPro ProcessWorkPro is a web-based employee screening and induction solution that centralises fundamental compliance requirements to get individual’s ‘work ready’ quickly and simply. It allows employers the opportunity to view, validate, track and manage employment related information via a single login.

Organisations can choose particular single services that suit their business needs, or utilise our entire suite of services.

  • WorkPro reduces time, effort and costs by being the only company in New Zealand to provide a centralised portal with the ability to manage multiple employment and compliance related processes.
  • Results are portable from employer to employer.
  • Pay only when each police check or induction is validated, which is when the certificate of completion is produced.
  • WorkPro is the only company in New Zealand to have a direct link to the Department of Immigration and Crimtrac.

How to register for WorkPro and complete a training/induction module

Please go to

  1. Select “Sign Up” and enter your details. Please note that ‘Visa Check’ is a mandatory field. If you are not an Australian Citizen, you will need to have your passport handy.
  2. The final WorkPro verification screen will contain a confirmation of your username. (If you registered an email address, a confirmation email will have been sent to you – you may need to check your SPAM or junk mail).
  3. Enter the Token Code which you were provided with, accept the Fair Work Statement and complete the requested modules
  4. Enter the requested Licences and Tickets and complete the requested Work Rights Check
  5. Once you have completed your modules, your username, Candidate Identification Number (CIN) and PIN will be emailed to your registered email address (If you provided one). You will also receive a confirmation of your CIN & PIN and password to your mobile phone.

You can now log out of WorkPro. An automatic email will be sent to us advising that you have completed your induction training

Should you have any questions please call your local branch and one of our consultants will be able to assist you.